5. Pilot of it solution for better city street parking


The aim with this work package is to develop a new technique called Showpark for surveillance and information about the demand and supply of parking. Within innovative parking the technique will be tested on 5-10 loading areas in the city of stockholm. The demonstration is conducted in collaboration with the city of stockholm and distributers of goods.

Showpark is a solution that informs the user about the status of parking spaces in open city environments (streets and squares). The solution is built upon GPS technology, sensors and magnets that always show available/occupied loading spaces in smart devices in real time to the user. The goal with the new technology is to safeguard good accessibility for logistic companies by providing the drivers with better information of available loading places. The system is also expected to contribute to increased efficiency of traffic planning and surveillance.


Showpark is in charge of the work package. An evaluation will be conducted in cooperation with KTH.